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Image of Espostoa lanata
Espostoa lanata (Kunth) Britton & Rose
Synonym: Cleistocactus lanatus, Espostoa sericata, Espostoa lanata var. sericata, Cereus sericatus, Espostoa procera, Espostoa laticornua, Cereus dautwitzii, Pilocereus dautwitzii, Cereus lanatus, Cereus lanatus ssp. sericatus, Pilocereus lanatus, Oreocereus lanatus, Cactus lanatus, Espostoa dautwitzii
This is the classic Peruvian Old Man, one of the first plants we grew when we began growing succulent plants almost 40 years ago. Keep dry and free of frost during the winter. Water when dry the rest of the year.
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