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Image of Haworthia herbacedaImage of Haworthia herbacea flowers
Haworthia herbacea
(Mill.) Stearn
A lovely compact miniature rosette-forming Haworthia with beautiful “glassy” spined leaf edges. Unfortunately, it's had a lot of names, many of which are still in circulation. This can cause a bit of confusion. There are currently four rccognized varieties.
Synonyms: Haworthia translucens ssp. translucens, Haworthia arachnoidea var. translucens, Haworthia atrovirens, Haworthia luteorosea, Haworthia pallida, Haworthia papillosa var. semipapillosa, Haworthia pumila, Haworthia translucens, Apicra atrovirens, Catevala atroviridis, Haworthia aegrota, Haworthia papillosa, Haworthia submaculata, Aloe arachnoidea var. pellucens, Haworthia pellucens, Aloe arachnoidea var. pumila, Aloe papillosa, Aloe pumila, Aloe arachnoidea var. translucens, Apicra translucens, Aloe atrovirens, Aloe bradlyana, Aloe herbacea, Aloe pallida, Aloe translucens, Aloe papillosa var. semipapillosa

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