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Idria columnaris
Idria columnaris Kellogg
"Boojum Tree" or "Cirio"
The plant's common name, Boojum, was given by Godfrey Sykes of the Desert Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona and is taken from Lewis Carroll's poem "The Hunting of the Snark". [Robert R. Humphrey. The Boojum and its Home] It's endemic to Baja California with only a small population in Sonora. As stated in Wikapedia, "The peculiar distribution pattern of the mainland boojums has led Mexican botanists to conclude that they were probably transplanted to the mainland by the indigenous Seri people, who lived in this area and still live on communal property south of this location. The Seri name for this plant is cototaj [kototax]. In Seri belief, touching this plant will cause strong winds to blow (an undesirable state). Given this belief, the hypothesis that the Seri people transplanted it is doubtful."""
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