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Image of Gibbaeum disparImage of Gibbaeum dispar flower
Gibbaeum dispar N.E. Br.
Common names include: mimicry plants (Eng.); volstruistone (ostrich toes), duimpie-snuif (thumb snuff), papegaaibek (parrot beak), vinger-en-duim (finger and thumb), visbekvygie (fishmouth vygie) and volstruiswater (ostrich water) (Afr.)
Gibbaeum dispar is a small growing plant which may grow into clumps that are 120 mm wide in cultivation. The plants have short, woody stems with two unequal leaves at the ends. Leaves are velvety and the flowers are an intense pink. Its natural habitat is restricted to a small area in the Little Karoo in the Cape Province of South Africa.

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